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Forgotten art art mosaic

The art of mosaics is the length of the desert history, the desert of the mosaic mother and its desert originators from the soil and rock of the desert. There are mosaics and mosaics in every desert city. Mosaic and adjacent clay in the central Iranian desert are made and processed. It is not in vain that today there are more mosaic factories in the desert areas of Yazd and Semnan.

But the mosaic in the past has been decorated and faded away more than the flooring. Although mosaics are less well-known, they have been seen less in the tile art and under the name of clay and adobe cities, but it is an art that has a lot to do with Iran. Perhaps the reason why the art of mosaic art in Iran and the lack of paying for historians of art have been the common denominator of this tile. The fact is that the word mosaic in Iran has a maximum of 100 years and is originally a French word and the Persian equivalent is the tile. The term “tile” has previously been dual-use and has been used for mosaics and tiles as well. So, everything that has happened in the mosaic art of the past 100 years is called the general tile work. Mosaics and mosaics have first emerged in Esfahan and Yazd. The first signs of mosaic work have been gained in the ancient excavations around Maybod. The materials used in this mosaic are thought to be mainly crumbs and broken pottery and tiles, which artists of that time skillfully recycle and mosaic them. The same archaeological findings confirm the basic theory of the emergence of this industry in Iran’s desert areas. Interestingly, today a mosaic mill that produces various types of mosaics is located near the ancient finds, which illustrates the continuity of this art of the industry from the past to the present.
Perhaps the spark of the emergence of art called the mosaic in Iran and the central regions of Iran could also be attributed to the spirit of the conquering of Iran’s deserters. Primary mosaics are made from broken crumbs of pottery and tiles. The mosaic artist is working to put together broken and colorful tiles and injections between the intervals of colorful mosaics with beautiful designs and roles. This was done with such a delicacy that the viewer hardly believed that the final product was the result of recycling other materials. The mosaics were so eye-catching and beautiful that they soon became palm kings and kings. In this way, art, which was originally born at the beginning because of contentment and poverty, became the epitome of luxury and wealth.


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