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Mosaic and its history

Mosaics and mosaics in the world date back to the history of human history. The traces of mosaics in Ancient Egypt, Rome and Ancient Iran date back to the invention of the line. Art mosaic emerged as an art for the first time in ancient Rome, where modern Italy is located.

The mosaics at that time were used to decorate the nobility’s houses and temples, and less was seen in mosaics in urban fabric. In the art of mosaic work of that time, small pink tiles of different colors were used for decoration, and mosaics were less used than they were today. The first practical uses of contemporary mosaics in the fourth century AD in the Vatican have been seen to cover the floor of the churches. The mosaic was not used until many years later, around 1850. In these years, the first mosaic factories in the southern states of the Americas, which had a good soil to produce mosaics, were formed. In this way, the mosaic, as we know today, has entered urban space and is massively used in hardware. Mosaic has been produced in Iran since about a hundred years ago in the form of modern and, of course, with basic devices. For some reason, such as access to high quality raw materials, Yazd province is the leader in mosaic production in our country, accounting for 70 percent of the country’s annual need for these building materials. The mosaics produced in Yazd have always been of high quality due to its proximity to fine sand mires. Mosaics today come in many shapes, designs and colors. Colored mosaics, mosaics in various geometric shapes, mosaics with 3D designs, and … to make our country rich in raw materials in Iran. The mosaic industry has a monopoly rating because of the native content of the raw material and the difficulty of importing due to its size and weight. Thus, while mosaics continue to flourish when most industries in the country have been slipping over for reasons such as raw material embargos and imports. Mosaic has also become one of the most influential industries in the field of placement, mainly in the placement of mosaic factories, from a simple worker to engineer designers.
Mosaic has been proven to be effective in promoting community health. Before the mosaic floor was used, most houses, especially rural houses, were covered with dirt. Soaked soil was often a place of insects and creatures of the magnitude, and this soil was raised to the air when it was walking, squashing and … and entering the respiratory tract. The application of mosaic and its succession to the bloated soil has minimized many dermatological and respiratory diseases.
In recent years, mosaics have changed the visual effect of the city. The exterior beauty and ease of installation of the mosaic has made it an excellent alternative to coatings such as asphalt. This is especially true at the level of sidewalks. As it is now being replaced by pavements on streets of large cities, mosaics or concrete floors. The most prominent example in our country can be seen on Vali Asr Street in Tehran, seamlessly covered by railroad to Tajrish Square with mosaics and concrete floors.

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