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About Us 2018-01-14T10:50:42+03:30

MyBud Automated Mosaic Company has started its mosaic production since 1994 and has been able to offer diverse products to the domestic market. The brand has become one of the trusted brands of mosaic and flooring industry in a short time and now it is recognized as a symbol of innovation and quality in the realm of the country. The range of products in terms of type and dimensions such as granite mosaics and anti-abrasion concrete floors are manufactured by the company in various dimensions and thicknesses.
The company’s automatic mosaic, or the use of the most modern and advanced equipment and technology of the day, with the gathering of experts and expert experts has been able to bring the level and quality of products to the level expected by their audience and customers and with a coherent and systematic program to move Continue to grow to satisfy customer satisfaction.
In order to achieve its customer-oriented goals, the company has put products on a quality basis, and by implementing the QMS quality management system in the process of floor and mosaic production, it has succeeded in obtaining valuable certificates from the series of standards ISO 9001: 2003 The central TÜV NORD CERT is from Germany.
Meybod automatic mosaic company, with the help of experienced and expert personnel and creation of research and development units and quality control, has resulted in the quantitative and qualitative improvement of the produced products. Seriousness, perseverance and continuous effort, providing proper plans and monitoring and monitoring the cycle of innovation and quality are among the most important work of these units.
The founders of the automatic mosaic company, with the hope and trust of Allah Almighty, and the precise planning and use of experts and experts, as well as paying attention to the valuable comments and suggestions of our customers, have better horizons for the growth, progress and self-sufficiency of this sacred and homeland land. they do.