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Mosaic manufacturer of electricity

The power generating mosaic was produced by the researchers of the country, whose energy was generated by walking people on these mosaics. Jafar Ram Bijandi, an inventor of the power generating mosaic and Igna with the IRNA correspondent, said: “Power generation from walking in mosquito nets, in addition to reducing non-fossil and renewable energy costs, in a completely safe and non-polluting operation Air and environment.
The inventor said that the use of this mosaic has a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly, job creation, and can even be achieved by the fact that the invention has not yet reached mass production due to lack of financial support from mosaic companies and related organizations. In the case of external marketing it also exported to other countries.
He said that in the same way that other people used it, in addition to the high energy dissipation, maintenance and repair of the required devices was also said that the project had already passed the design, construction, testing and national registration stages. It was very difficult.
The inventor said the latest specimen of these mosaics has been tested for three months at the Tehran Metro Station in Shahid Beheshti.
“The use of KK Braya bearings, one-way motion production and shaft transmission to drive the generator, use a rubber plate to prevent obstacles when passing people and step on the mosaic,” said Ram Bijdani. , Including the technical specifications of this device.
He added that the dc generator (unidirectional) and easy storage by a battery diode have been used, which can be used to maximize the power of lost calories.

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