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Purchase guide 2018-01-14T11:02:09+03:30

Welcome to the MyBod Azad Automated Mosaic Center headquarters. In order to make it easier for users, we have come up with an arrangement where you can be a major customer of automated mosaic products, and you can take advantage of the online mosaic automated pre-invoice.
Once you have logged in, you need to go to the site of the mosaic automation company and you need to subscribe to this site before you begin your order. To subscribe to the site, you can use the Membership option in the upper left-hand corner of the site. Once you click on this option, the form will be completed that you must complete. Be sure to fill out starred options for this form.
After filling out the form and clicking on the registration button, your registration request will be sent to the site administrator and the site administrator will proceed to verify your registration form after checking the form. So, if your account is still disabled after a while, you should contact support at 88108213-021.
After confirming your registration, you can click on the product section on the product. After clicking on the product, the option to add to your invoice is visible below the product photo. Be sure to add all the desired products to the invoice first and click on the cart option (upper right corner) after selecting all the products you want to specify the volume of the purchase. By clicking on this option, your order table is visible, you can now specify the volume of each order based on m, and then click on the invoice option. After clicking on this option, your invoice is displayed as calculated. If the invoice and the volume of your orders are approved, click on the confirmation information and order registration and otherwise click on the option to correct the invoice information.
If you click on the option to register your order, your information will be sent to the webmaster of automatic mosaic. After reviewing your order, the webmaster adds and validates the cost of the charge for the invoice. So you can re-enter your order by entering this section. If this factor is approved, please contact us at 4201414-88108213-021 or 218-88108312-021 or 42014-021.